I have a horribly unhealthy addiction to CNN’s “Crossfire.” I hate it so bad I love it. It’s like watching a train wreck repeatedly. My anxiety skyrockets, I jump on the couch “Tom Cruise style,” I throw Cheetos at the screen, and my face turns red from yelling at the TV.

It’s unhealthy.






About Amy

I'm plagued by thoughts bouncing around in my head which beg for release through the written word and I am more than passionately happy to oblige. I'm a firm believer that writing is the truest form of self-therapy and it is true that I never quite know anything about myself until I write about it. It just so happens that somewhere along my route through life I picked up a few adoring fans who enjoy hearing my ramblings and so I share with them through my blogs. Welcome to the sporadically random clusters of my rambling tales!
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A penny for your thoughts...

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